NEW! E-Series Water Mist Fire Extinguisher



This Kite marked and LPCB E-Series presents groundbreaking technology.

The Unique design of the water mist extinguisher`s supersonicnozzle create a microscopic mist curtain, reducing the oxygen content (that fuels the fire) around the fire, extinguishes the flames and creates effective cooling blanket on hot fuels, preventing re-ignition.

They are suitable for use on A, B, C and F fires and have passed the34Kv electrical tests, therefore safe to use on electrical equipment. The range of fire fighting potential this extinguisher has, can reduce the number of different fire extinguishers normally required as well as the overall number, therefore becoming a long term commercial benefit.

Water mist extinguishers are filled with de-ionised water and contain NO ADDITIVES. They are 100% environmentally friendly.

They are cleaner and safer to use than other products and the service and maintenance is the same as the conventional extinguishers.

The engineering behind the Dry Water Mist makes use of a significantly lower volume of water throughout the extinguishing process, removing the risk of water saturation or further collateral damage to the source area.

Training can be simplified with less chance of using the wrong extinguisher leading to fewer claims for extinguisher misuse.