CO2 Extinguishers

ER Fire Safety supply a range of Jewel Saffire CO2 extinguishers. Identified by a black band around the top of the extinguisher they are suitable for Class B flammable liquids such as Petrol, oils and paints and also live electrical equipment.

To assist with the fitting of CO2 extinguishers ER Fire Safety supply a wall mounted bracket as standard.


 Type of extinguisher  Supply cost exc VAT
 2kg CO2 (new)  £24.80
 2kg CO2 (Polished Aluminium)  £53.50
 5kg CO2 (new)  £46.50
 2kg CO2 (premium refurb)  £20.50
 5kg CO2 (premium  refurb)  £32.50
 5kg CO2 (refurb)  £22.50