Ext Servicing

Regular servicing of your fire equipment and installations is essential to ensure that they operate properly should an emergency occur and provide many years of reliable fire protection ensuring the safety of your employees and visitors.

Extinguishers should be serviced annually and in accordance with British Code of Practice B.S.5306 by a competent person. A competent person is defined as “`A person with the qualifications, training and experience, with access to the relevant tools, equipment and information.” All maintenance work is carried out in compliance with B.S. 5306.3.2009.

An extended service must be carried out every 5 years on Water, Foam, Powder and Wet Chemical extinguishers, and 10 years for CO2. To ensure your extinguishers remain in good condition this service consists of fully discharging the extinguisher, then refilling and recharging.



All site visits in the South Yorkshire area are subject to our ‘on site’ attendance charge. Locations out of the area may incur additional mileage charges.

Single site visit charge  £15.00

Basic Annual Service Charges

All prices  include the following spare parts; O-rings, anti-tamper seals, safety pins, safety clips, labels and gauge tests. (Many other companies add these on top of service charges).

Number of: 1 – 10 11 – 30 31 – 49 50+
Extinguishers £7.25  £6.50     £5.75 £5.00
Fire Blankets        £2.00  £2.00      £2.00 £2.00

Price per unit cost

On site fire extinguisher commissioning only     £5.00  per unit
On site commissioning and wall installation/ fitting £10.00 per unit

Extended Service Charges – applicable to fire extinguishers ever 5 / 10 years

An extended service must be carried out every 5 years on Water, Foam, Powder and Wet Chemical extinguishers and 10 years for CO2.

The extended service consists of a full discharge, close examination, refill and recharge. These prices relate to  a discharged extinguisher and extended service.

Type Test/Discharge/Replacement Unit
 6L Water  £14.00
 6L Water mist  £28.00
 6L Water additive  £25.00
 6L Foam AFFF  £27.00
 2 Kg CO2  New replacement £26.50
 3L Wet chemical   £55.00
 6L Wet chemical   £76.00
 4 Kg Dry Powder  New replacement £23.50

Discounted yearly contract service plans can be arranged subject to compliance with our company terms & conditions.

All prices are subject to vat.